Foils, épées and sabres – Prep get fencing…

Bridgewater Olympics

Bridgewater School is lucky to have a Head of Science in Secondary who fenced for Wales, and Mr. Selby brought all his skills and passion to Prep today to show us all about fencing: the different types of sword and the different ways each of the swords are used to score points in a competition.  Apparently, fencing is one of only five sports that have appeared in every one of the modern Olympic Games.

Mr. Selby leads the Prep Fencing Club, and members of the club today showed us their skills in action by holding a mini-tournament for the benefit of all present.

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1 Response to Foils, épées and sabres – Prep get fencing…

  1. Tom says:

    Please come to fencing it is really fun because you get to hit your friends without getting hurt.


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