Bridgewater OlympicsPheidippides’ actions during the battle against the Persians at Marathon generally leads to him being accredited as being the first runner to have completed a marathon distance run.  History tells us that Pheidippides ran to Athens with the news of the great victory his people had over the Persians at Marathon. It was 490 BC, and the distance he ran was about 26 miles (or, around 40 kilometers).

After he delivered his message – “Nenikikamen (which means, “Rejoice we conquer” or, put differently, “We have won”) – Pheidippides died.

Prep children have been participating in a daily run, building up to a marathon distance since the run started in the Easter term.  Today, every child in the Prep Department participated in a run around the School field.  Fortunately, unlike Pheidippides, nobody died!

The Prep Marathon

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  • June 28, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Go Prep !!!


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