It really is rocket science!


On 2nd September Tim Peake took 2kg of rocket seeds to the International Space Station – some of these have now returned from space. Some of these seeds have been planted by Prep IV today in an experiment to see if the lack of gravity or radiation from space affects them. Prep IV have planted these together with seeds which have not been to space – the key thing is that Prep IV do not know which seeds were which.  The results will be uploaded and published nationally.  The results from which pack is from space will be announced by Tim Peake after the experiment is over.

IMG_4423 IMG_4426

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2 Responses to It really is rocket science!

  1. Juretha Nyirenda-Scott says:

    i think the blue ones are from space but we will find out when have fully deveoeped


  2. Ahmed rajpura says:

    yeh i know which one was space connection it said on the packet can’t wait to c what the plants luk like
    at end


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