Prep Quiz Team compete in regional heats

Quiz team

Alfie Dickinson, Zach Taylor, Holly Fowler and Mark Liu travelled to Lady Barn House School in Cheadle this morning to represent the school for the very first time in the Quiz Club Championship, a national tournament which culminates in the finals held in June in London.  Our intrepid quizzers have been working hard over the last few weeks honing their knowledge and beat their classmates in a selection round to be chosen for the quiz team.  Sadly, despite their best efforts, we didn’t make the top three and so won’t progress through to the semi-finals.

Well done to our four representatives, however, who showed wonderful teamwork and cooperation in the event.

Of course, Quiz Club in school still takes place every Wednesday lunchtime, to which all children in Prep III-VI are welcome.

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1 Response to Prep Quiz Team compete in regional heats

  1. Ahmed rajpura says:

    well done but unlucky for not winning


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