One of the things that constantly amazes us here at Bridgewater is the wide array of extra curricular activities that our children participate in, both in and out of school.

It is said that current world number 3 player Rory McIlroy was introduced to golf by his father when he could barely walk, and that he could hit a 40-yard drive at the age of 2.  We’re not sure how close on his heels our two current Prep V golfers Alex Cook and Finley Woodward are, but they do deserve credit for being out each week, in all weathers, in order to improve their game.


Golf is a fun sport for kids and adults, it’s a sport with few rules but it can be a pretty complicated some times

The above pictures show me and Finley practicing our golf swing.

You start by standing the correct distance away from the ball, make sure the ball is in-between your stance. Hold the club with inter locked hands. Move the club until your arms are an L shape. Then release the club through the ball. Carry on the swing until your arms are back in an L shape.


Golf is a fun sport and I do it with my friend Alex.  Our instructor is called Nick, and there is another boy called Oscar in the class with us.  He is 5 years old and does not speak much.  Before the lesson, Alex and I play a game.  Nick gets us ready to do 50 shots.  We also have another instructor, her name is Claire-bear.We now know in golf:

  • if you use an iron your feet go in the middle of the ball
  • when using something your feet should be shoulder width apart.
Fore! Bridgewater golfers swing high…

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