Salford Primary Schools’ Cross Country Race 2

The second race in the Salford Primary Schools’ Cross Country season was held in “proper cross country conditions” on Saturday morning  – cold and blustery, with the ground muddy and wet underfoot.  Thirteen runners from Bridgewater braved the conditions, and all must be commended for their efforts.  Race results are posted below:

Year 5/6 girls

Jessical Kneale                  52

Elouise Woodford               63

Reyanah Zaeen                  64


Year 5/6 boys

Eoghan Suter                      25

Samuel Ashadu                  19


Year 3/4 girls

Megan Blessing                  112

Jessica Weir                       23

Emeline Carpentier            13


Year 3/4 boys

Owen Thorpe                      68

Zach Taylor                         28

Nathan Manbondiani         59

Ethan Ashadu                     31

Matthew Corry                    93

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1 Response to Salford Primary Schools’ Cross Country Race 2

  1. Eloise Woodford says:

    Good race people, hard though.


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